Saturday, August 1, 2015

What ifs at 1 am.

I am not sure if I am in the right mind to type right now, sleeplessness has once again over taken my life and all the social filters have been turned off.  The fact that myself unfiltered is a threat worries me, must I check myself at the door before entering civil conversation?  What if?  What if I want to speak my mind in a loud voice and have opinions that go against the social norm?  What if I do not follow PC rules?  What if I do not adhere to party lines?  What if, I am a blend of the left and right?  What if I am a feminist who values the life of the unborn?  What if I am a Christian who recognizes that I can not push my morality on an unsaved nation?  What if I love life?  What if I am willing to lay it down?  What if I refuse to take political sides?  What if I choose to follow the narrow path?  What if I choose to honor the promises I have made?  What if I find my identity beyond myself?  What if I do not look the right the way?  What if I am trying to love myself?  What if I second guess my parenting every day?  What if I miss the life I left behind?  What if I would never go back again?

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