Friday, August 7, 2015

Thank God we don't get what we ask for.

We will celebrate 13 years of married life this Tuesday.  We have grown together in such a way that I cannot imagine myself with anyone else, occasionally I look back at former crushes and thank God that I didn't get what I want.  How often does this happen where God refuses to give us what we ask for but rather gives us what we need.  Tonight at the dinner table I sat next to Leif as he begrudgingly ate the kale salad on his plate, he didn't see the nutritional value of what lay before him or that I was expanding his palate.  All that he knew was that if he didn't eat it he would have to go to bed.  A little harsh?  Maybe, but I stand behind it knowing that it is worth it to send him to bed once or twice in order for him to learn to enjoy foods that are good for him and for him to be grateful for what is placed before him.  If we are honest our base nature is a selfish one, and when given the chance we will choose what benefits us, this is the flesh.  Yet somehow we think that we are able to rise above this nature of our own initiative, to choose best.  Yet I still see women pass up good men for hot guys, I see people eating fast food (myself included) instead of beans and rice, I see people abusing their bodies, staying in unhealthy relationships, and making poor life choices all over the place.  We are run by our flesh, all you have to do is look at tithing to see where our hearts are at, if the church truly tithed 10% the face of the church would look very different.  But we don't, so it doesn't.  The way we spend our money says a lot about what we truly believe.  What would we do with what we ask for from God?  Unless there is a change of heart we will the same things we did before.  I thank God that I didn't end up with who I wanted, but rather got who I needed.  Any of you who know Andrew know how different we are, this is Gods grace.  We balance each other and sharpen each other.  Are there sparks?  Of course, but the refining process is good, only through Gods refining and conviction will the attitudes of our hearts change.  And once we are faithful in the little things, then we will be given not what we ask for, but what we need.  There are many things that have been placed in my life to steward, my marriage, children, friendships, finances, properties, ministry, gifts, physical abilities, this planet........  My only hope is that I steward them well.  Happy Anniversary Andrew, thank you for being what I needed.


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  2. Yes, thank God that He doesn't let us plan our own lives!