Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Out with the old, in with the new.  Why is new always best?  Cheap, prefabricated, pop together IKEA veneer.  Nothing sturdy, sound, and full of character.  Toss out the old, the feeble, the useless.  We want to be shiny, new, beautiful, perfectly aligned.  Quirky but not too odd, sticking out just enough to get noticed while keeping the boat steady.  Don't rock.  Just consume and groom.  Nothing more then a dime store one pop shop.  Take it and toss it, don't consider the losses.  A throw away society.  Throw away the marriages, the babies in their carriages.  Toss out the old, the useless, the bold.  Anything we don't like can take a hike.  And if you feel offended complacency is demanded.  Don't step on my toes, don't tell me I am wrong.  Don't value the old their time is come and gone.  A bigger lie has never been told then that of throwing out and devaluing the old.

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