Wednesday, February 5, 2014

There used to be a time................

There used to be a time when image was everything.  Fit in, don't fill out.  Clean pressed, and smartly dressed.  Missed opportunities of drinking in culture, speaking up, or stepping out.  Always wary of how it appeared, was perceived, was accepted.  Not wanting to be tossed away.  Yesterdays trend is tomorrows garbage, bought for a $1.99 at the local thrift store, though that isn't even local anymore.  Chain events and jacked up prices, selling one mans garbage and making a smart profit.  Passing it off as a local service, real do-gooders who serve themselves.  Profit is king in this urban market.  What value is a person, only what they can sell.  Biggest losers selling hope, Pinterest selling cut and paste creativity, Facebook and nostalgia.  Till all that appears is the same old, unique, one of a kind video.  Trip down memory lane, immortalizing the mortal images that it contains.  Calling back a time when image was everything, and we were young, unattached, and consumed with self.  The decay of man evident in our narcissistic visions where we are the sun, and all is centered on us.  My calling, my job, my family, my look, my vision, my dream.  My one chance in this mortal life.  A breathe and gone, a sigh and no more.  Never knowing exactly when life will shut the door.  And soon the images fade in the sun.  So important and temporary.  A culmination of nothing that matters, nothing of lasting impact and the everything that image was, now gone.  There used to be a time when image mattered, cluttering up the junk drawer, taking up space where useful things should be found.  Cleaning house, knick-nack, bricka-brack, dump out the drawer.  There is no space for this nonsense any more.

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