Sunday, February 9, 2014

Manipulating Media

The balance between loving and loathing, thinning the line one magazine article at a time.  The bipolar lens of who we should be, bombarded by images of femininity.  Buff this, tuck that and don't you dare be fat.  Buy this, eat that, its low calorie and low fat.  Nothing sagging, nothing bagging.  Green is the new means to make some green, absolutely obscene.  Trending, bending, extending, pretending who we want to be.  Come on people open your eyes, see the reality that lies within the lie that you must buy, buy, buy.  Nothing good, nothing right, don't you dare take another bite.  They don't care, don't dare, and will always compare something unattainable.  Physically unavailable.  Create the need, and they will financially succeed.   Nothing but greed.  Splenda coated so as not to get bloated.  Shove it away, not today.  I will not fill their financial bucket, and honestly they can suck it.

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