Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Filling the inbox

You are sitting next to me right now and are 4 years old.  Your thumb is in your mouth as you wait patiently for me to be done.  It has been rainy and cold the last few days, but my heart is warm.  Leif you bring me so much joy.  I don't know what God has in store for you, but it is something wonderful.  There is so much vitality and love in you.  You are a lover of people, your gaze draws people in.  You have no fear and though at times it may make my heart skip a beat I hope you never loose it.  A life lived in fear is not a real life, only a shadow of the possibilities.  It is true that we have had a rough week.  Your campaign against all things green continues and I have Increased my expectations for you.  But know this.  Even as I take you and lead you out of potluck by the hand screaming, I love you.  Even as you refuse to put  on your boots, I love you.  As you stand crying at the bottom of the stairs not wanting to go to bed, I love you.  As you refuse to use the bathroom, I love you.  As you refuse your pajamas, I love you.  And as we snuggle in bed, asking forgiveness of each other, I love you.  You have my heart little one in a fierce hold and I will never be free of it.  I thank God that I will never be free of it.  Because in case you didn't know..........  I love you.

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