Friday, July 28, 2017

North Shore

The north shore is intoxicating to me.  Wild beauty, lost adventure, edited memories......  I find myself craving the water, rocks, culture, air, and wonder why we left.  But I know the answer.  Reality of life, of work, of education, of calling.  It is so easy to romanticize a place in your past and even though it still makes my heart skip a beat and awakens a lust for life that I thought was lost to me, I know that this isn't the place for me any longer.  My people are not here.  There are sweet remnants, dear friends, beautiful memories, but the roots have been cut.  I have been rooted and established in the urban wilderness, drawn my boundary lines, spoken my commitment and planted my heart there.  It is a different kind of wild, a different need, a different call to deep.  And while the north may refresh me, it no longer sustains.  I miss this place, crave it, romanticize it, but ultimately must let it go.  It is the affair that draws my attention away from practical life.  I have made my choice and now I must own it, but north shore you shall always be a sweet memory and place of refreshing for when my person is dry and thirsty from practical life.

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