Thursday, October 8, 2015


I have nothing to say, yet the word bubble up inside.  This drive to create, to speak, to act, when all else says "No".  In discovering the rhythm of the heart there is a choice............  To let it set the pentameter of your life or to keep it out of sync.   Things get better in time.  Or at least that is the hope.  I am tired of loosing people, but I know that the longer I live, the more I love, the more I will loose.  It is worth the risk, but difficult none the less.  I don't seek a life of comfort and security, tho it bays at my window.  Complacency knocking at the door, the american dream and all of its addicting qualities.  But it is nothing but lies and as I see humanity for what it is I know that the dream is false, a charade, dressed in sheep's wool.  Get away from me, let me see the world for what it is and with sober judgement cross the line.

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