Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fresh snow

Snow is falling.  It brings freshness to my soul.  I grow tired of dingy, brown winters.  They feel as if we are stuck, not moving forward.  It should be spring, but the ground is too cold and hard for life to come forward.  And then the snow falls and I am reminded that there is beauty in this season, it covers the ugliness until it is time for the thaw.  The fresh snow reminds me of  beautiful moments of the past, hikes, skiing, snowboarding dates, snowmen that have eyebrows like Opa.  This time is not bad, but it is not spring.  This moment is good, and I don't want to taint it with past ugliness or future uneasiness, but rather drink in the beauty of the falling snow.  Knowing that spring will come soon enough, in its own time, and I need not rush it.  All that I need is to savor this moment and cast off the rest.

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