Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sweet and Petite

I've got this little girl named Fern.  Sweet and petite, feisty and spicy, with a quirk all her own.  There is this little thing about this little girl, truly small but so endearing.  This little thing that she loves so much, unique to her and highly delightful is her floppy little belly button.  This is no mere "outy" but rather takes on a form all its own, distinctive to her since the cord dis-attached, and she loves it.  This peculiar little place on her tummy is a source of endless delight, a built in play thing if you will.  A soothie of sorts that can take her from an all out meltdown to calm baby when combined with sucking her two middle fingers.  I love this funny little girl with this funny little belly button so very much.  I love everything about her, every little piece of her...........  One day she will notice that this little place on her body it different then most.  Navels are everywhere now a days, and so this special little spot on her body will be comparison shopped, and it will not fit in.  My heart will ache the day that one of her favorite things becomes her least favorite.  It will signify a change in her.  This little girl will be growing up, and will no longer love things that used to delight her but rather seek "normalcy" and value things based on the opinions of others.  I know that this day will come, and while it is a small thing the significance of that small part of her strikes something deep within me.  Its enough to make you Amish, and it awakens the mama bear inside of me.  I dare someone to be the first to tell her that every part of her isn't lovely, see what happens.  If only it were that easy, there will be no words spoken telling her that she is not enough.  The message will be received none the less as she is bombarded with images that tell her beauty is:  white, 5'10", a size 4, has straight teeth, compliant hair, flawless skin, perky little boobs, a thigh gap and an almond shaped belly button.  What shall I do then?  She will not be little any more.  I will not be able to scoop her up in my arms and sweep her away to a place where photo shop does not exist.  She will be beyond sucking her fingers and playing with her belly button.  I will not be able to sooth her as I am now.  So I will start now with telling her how fantastic she is, an image bearer of the most high God, bought with a price, and loved with his life.  I will tell her of the inherent beauty within her, the value that her life holds.  That each part of her was planned and designed with Gods artistic flair.  And that will her he said "I have this special little thing, for this special little girl and it is just right for her."

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