Saturday, January 31, 2015

I really don't care what the media has to say............

Billboards bombarding
bombing my eyes with navels and drivel
of how perfection ought to be
and them saying thats not me

Women's eyes lowering
abuse apparent to any that would witness
don't you see them cowering
with eyes that are listless....

Still payed for their bodies to be prostituted
mens eyes take want they want
its all free
plainly posted for all to see

Plastered and smeered
gauked at and leered
Making women feel inferior
because of their posterior

Anxiety sells
to the weak and empty
Perpetuating a myth
a lack of plenty

Filling the void
shoving it full
all while assuming
all it takes is good grooming

A bag
or a beer
a car
and a good career

Crap covered in glitter
and priced to sell
all while endorsing
consumerism hell

The lies are apparent
the language is plain
All that they want
is yourself to disdain

To create longing and fear
to prey on the weak
to optimise sales
and for profits to peak

There is no desire
to meet our needs
but to feed the beast
that they will never free

To hell with the billboards
 and the magazine ads
I am sick of  profit whors
and consumerism fads

I done with the game
of trying to achieve
that mythical place
in which I don't believe

This is my body
Its all that I've got
and while I may not be a model
my husband thinks it hot

So screw the photos
that tell you to think
that something is wrong
and to just go along

Its time to declare
in no delicate way
that I don't really care
what the media has to say.