Thursday, March 20, 2014


Tired of the empty rhetoric, posturing for control with words.  Not convincing anyone due to the lack of substance in your step.  What if we just shut our mouths?  What if we stopped posturing, looking for control? Just give it up.  Why do we try to control that which we obviously have no control over?  I don't want to fight you, I just want to love you and show you that for me this is reality.  You may not agree.  I will still love you.  This world can be a terrifying place when you are alone.  No one should be alone, everyone needs someone in their corner.  I want to be in your corner, not fighting against you but rather with you.  Actually not fighting at all, because no peace has come from the exchange of blows.  No change of heart can come from domination.  I loathe the war analogies.  I will not fight those who do not agree with me.  Rather lets go for a walk together and I will let my steps and actions replace my words. 

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