Friday, January 31, 2014

Lost Zen

I lost my Zen some where today.  Not sure when, or how.  Just that it was some time between beautiful baby girl spilling searing hot coffee into my lap at Glamdoll Donuts, and sweet sucker Leify breaking his cereal bowl during lunch.  I am fairly certain it is overrated anyways.  A mere accessory for the young and beautiful.  Hipsters unite in crescent moon and tree pose, at the 10 am yoga class. All while nursing a hangover from the night before.  Dangling it like a talisman around their necks not even fully knowing what it is, and you probably haven't heard of it anyways.  I don't hear of much these days, and traded in my tree pose for balancing a baby on one hip while moping up the spilled milk on my kitchen floor.  My jeans still smell like coffee, they could smell worse, much worse.  It was hot, yet I didn't loose my cool.  Didn't even make a noise so as not to disturb the business men who looked at me with an air of suspicion when the littles chose the table next to them.  Jumping quickly up, shaking it off, checking the baby, and simultaneously explaining to my children what happened so as not to alarm them.  Deep breathing and closed eyes to focus on what needs to be done.   Take that yoga, you can keep your zen.

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