Friday, January 24, 2014

Dead end road to perfection

Little girl runs by.  Pink boots, leopard leggings, puffy vest.  Mamas little helper as she offers to get 3 cups of water for her family.  The mama says two because she has soda.  "But sodas not healthy for you."  The little girls voice chirps, causing a grandmother at the next table to laugh stating.  "I didn't know she was so well informed."  The tall skinny (gap between the thighs skinny), fashionable mom of two smiles.  Embarrassed, "Sometimes a little too well informed."  she blushes.  Mamas little helper comes back proudly carrying 2 Styrofoam cups of water that she filled up at the water fountain.  They are out of fashion with the rest of the lunch, little raisin boxes, applesauce pouches, and it causes me to like this mom even more.  Her son walks around with a bag on his head.  I smile.  Her compromises delight me.  Trying to be good, do good, be right, do right.  So tiring trying to uphold all the time.  A little bit of grace goes a long way on the dead end road to perfection.

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