Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't read this.

There seems to be a trend.  It started simply enough, a few artistic types looking for ways to express themselves.  Jot down a few words, share a deep thought, a journal to the public.  But things like this never seem to remain simple and soon every thirty something looking for deeper self expression has caught wind.  It just sort of exploded.  Self help, fitness, decor, parenting, and the list continues to grow.  With growth comes regurgitation of the same thoughts, again and again.  I am not looking to regurgitate for you, second hand food for the soul is never that good.  And so I say don't read this.  Don't read this if you are looking for answers.  Don't read this if you are looking for personal validation through my words.  Don't read this if you need more then can be offered by simple text on a screen.  This is only an experiment.  Taking the ramblings of my mind and attempting to make sense of them.  A storage unit for my thoughts, a small window to my soul.  So I ask you not to read this with any expectations in mind only take it for what it is. 

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