Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coffee in the locker room

Sitting in the locker room, pulled up a stool, sipping Folgers coffee out of a Styrofoam cup.  Gulping down the caffeine while I can.  No time this morning, chose not to make the time.  The polar vortex strikes again, causing me to willingly succumb to lazily nursing the baby under warm covers.  Throwing toast and bananas in the general direction of the boys, with a movie on the computer and me back into bed.  Enjoying the complete lack of an external schedule and thinking about the disaster that would be me homeschooling until I realize just how late it is.  If we are going to make it to the YMCA it needs to be now!  Lazy morning quickly turns to chaos as boots and coats are thrown on.  Purse, diaper bag, gym-bag, car seat and kids are unceremoniously tossed into the van.  Little boys finish with mittens and hats after seat belting.  Why so tired?  The road unfolds before me, and the lack of coffee dawns in my brain.  Cold and foggy, distant and blurred.  No time, didn't make time, and so I sit coffee in hand, surrounded by geriatric nudes and light conversation.  Staring off into the distance at nothing in particular.  Sipping as quickly as the heat of the coffee allows.  Not that bad, not that good.  Just humbly grateful that there was any at all.     


  1. staring off into the distance and making light conversation are probably the best things to do when surrounded by geriatric nudes.